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Spike Massage Ball for Physiotherapy Spike Ball High Density Massage Roller for Pain Relief Full Body Acupressure Ball for Foot, Hand, Back Massage Lacrosse Ball Massage for Recovery- Black

Spike Massage Ball for Physiotherapy Spike Ball High Density Massage Roller for Pain Relief Full Body Acupressure Ball for Foot, Hand, Back Massage Lacrosse Ball Massage for Recovery- Black

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Product Name - Spike Ball (Black)

 Package Contain - Pack of 1

 Material - Plastic

 Color - Black

 Weight - 350 gm

 Product Dimensions - 10L X 10W X 10H Centimeters

Special feature: Water resistant


About this item

  • ACUPRESSURE MASSAGER: Spike Massage Ball helps provides nerve pain relief and stress relief. Perfect for before-and-after exercise, this ball is designed with spikes and is a physiotherapy ball that acts as a deep tissue massager for body, back, foot, shoulder, hand relief with its ergonomic, durable and premium quality rubber-plastic ball design.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN MASSAGER: The massage ball with the spike design specifically targets your body muscles and tissues through deep-tissue massage, providing stress relief, nerve pain relief and body ache after intensive exercise. Used across the body, it is an equipment used for stretching, relaxing, and even plantar fasciitis.
  • DURABLE & STURDY: The spike design does not bend or fold even after prolonged used, making it an ideal massager ball for your body care. Use as a foot massager, back massager and even a hand massager or if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, this is your go-to acupressure tools. It even facilitates an improved blood circulation for a stress free you.
  • GYM OR HOME MASSAGER BALL: Lightweight and extremely portable, take this massage ball for exercise sessions at the gym or even use it for your body care at home. Wherever you are, you can use the instant deep tissue massager to handle all your foot, back, hand and plantar fasciitis pain.
  • PAIN RELIEF EQUIPMENT: Recommended for anyone suffering from foot, back, hand, plantar fasciitis pain and for recovery as a massager ball. It helps with nerve pain relief and provides the best stress relief. If you are looking for ways to effectively stretch and deep tissue massage your muscles after an intense workout to avoid pain, this is an effective equipment.



Massage Ball

Switch up the rules and be relaxed and fit.

Ergonomic in design and acting as an acupressure tool, the Spiked Massage Ball remains ideal to support full-body relaxation. The spikes further supports an increase in blood circulation, thereby ensuring better workouts, and a happier you.

Meant for heavy action muscle relaxation and refresh, the Spiked Massage Ball is lightweight and can be used everywhere and anywhere — gym, home to outdoor activities.

  • Premium Quality Material
  • Functional Design
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Effective Relief

Deep Tissue Massage Ball

Used across the whole body, the Spiked Massage Ball never loses its shape, and the spikes never flatten or bend, thanks to the premium quality material and durable make.

  • Muscle relaxation and refresh
  • Lightweight
  • Support full-body relaxation


It’s time to get relaxed and fit.

Foot Massage Ball

Get effective pain relief with this Spiked Massage Ball. Perfect for pre and post-workout use, it provides deep-tissue massages and muscle relaxation for nerve pain relief. Enjoy the benefits of a professional massage at home with this high-density acupressure roller.


Functional Design Massage Ball

The Spike Massage Ball for Physiotherapy is expertly crafted to improve blood circulation and provide effective relief. With its strategic design and acupressure features, this high density roller ball is perfect for targeting pain and promoting relaxation in the foot, hand, and back. Say goodbye to discomfort with this versatile lacrosse ball massage tool.

Durable & Sturdy

Take your recovery game to the next level with our Spike Massage Ball! The heavy-duty design and durable spikes provide targeted pain relief and full-body acupressure. Use it at the gym, at home, or on the go. Its unique shape will never flatten or wear out, making it the perfect adventure companion.


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